School Project Entries 2022

Liverpool John Moores University

Co-Living + Co-Working / Glasgow
Co-living + co-working/Glasgow has explored the relationship between Covid-19 and mental health. Recent studies have shown the damaging effects that n... read on
Eleanor Taylor Kemp
Glasgow Museum of Slavery
A recent awakening across the world through the Black Lives Matter movement has shed light on Glasgow’s involvement in the slave trade and shortcoming... read on
William Thomas Henry Lewis
FloatHouse; A BathHouse for Modern Living. FloatHouse as a concept is based on the idea that one can reach a secondary consciousness through the st... read on
Caoimhe Sweeney
The Square: Northern Powerhouse Assembly
The Square is a new assembly building located at the Liverpool pier head and explores the value of educating future generations and motivating the you... read on
Melina Benyoub