School Project Entries 2023

Manchester School of Architecture

Mayfield Conticinio ‘Silence of the Night’
The concept revolves around silence, leading to the discovery of novel insights about the city, employing this medium as a catalyst for discovery. The... read on
Natasha Nedelcu
Embodied: The Last Vacation
The Last Vacation project, developed in collaboration with Arif Ismail, explores the concept of "Palliative Tourism" as an innovative and alternative ... read on
Arif Izzuddin Bin Arif Ismail Aiman Hakim Bin Rahman
The Reconstructed Orient
Since the 19th century, orientalist paintings were intended as propaganda, depicting the East as a place of backwardness. These false ‘realistic’ pain... read on
Mayce Arebi
Common Grounds
Social changes, such as inequality, poverty and violence, have made young people vulnerable to mental health problems with approximately half of adole... read on
Alexandra Muntean