School Project Entries 2023

Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

The Hydrological Cathedral
The Hydrological Cathedral is an architecture of stewardship; laboratory-workshops, a theatre and public walkway, arranged in enfilade along a bridge ... read on
Giles Davis Sophie Lewis-Ward
A Tober: An Architecture of Resilience and Joy
Contrived from a desire to produce purpose, and imagined to bring joy to a charged landscape, this proposal is an address, an effort to carefully cons... read on
James Haynes
Nyctophillic Inhabitances
nycto-philia: to be fond of, or take comfort in, the presence of darkness and the occupation of shadows. The Panama Canal’s construction necessita... read on
Ryan Hillier
A Habit of Building: Considering Labour, the Architect and the Construction Site
In a shallow blue box are eight handbound books from which the following proposal unfolds. Spanning the 70-year lifespan of a timber softwood from sap... read on
Michael Becker
Commendation Serjeant Award